Η συγκεκριμένη εκπαιδευτική πλατφόρμα συμμετείχε στη διαδικασία αξιολόγησης στα πλαίσια της δράσης "Αριστεία και Καινοτομία στην Εκπαίδευση 2013" και βαθμολογήθηκε με 323/360 μονάδες

History of the English Language

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What is the Transantlantic Educators Dialogue? How can English teachers benefit from attending a 3-month exchange of knowledge and experiences among teaching professionals from the EU and the US?
Have a glimpse out of an open window to the world overseas! The presentation above was included in the seminar day organised by Ms Thalia Chadjigiannoglou, School Advisor of A Athens on Tuesday June 18 in the Hellenic American Union.

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From our visit to Ysgol Capelulo, North Wales
Project Title
ABC The Art of Being a Child abc.jpg

Target Group

4th-6th grades (aged 9-12)

Project Summary

ABC is a Comenius project realised in five European Primary Schools in Wales, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Greece. The project is based on the idea of studying childhood and its characteristics with an emphasis on children's games, daily routine, life conditions, schooling, family relations and other areas children will choose themselves. As this is a project of a cross-curricular approach and children interaction loads of work is expected to be done through the use of the English language which is the official contact code. Children will be encouraged to exchange their work, ideas, messages and project products not only in their mother tongue but also in English. That is why this wiki is going to be our work plateau, the medium of organising and spreading our work.
Wordle: UntitledWordle: Untitled


Approximately one and a half year (one hour per week)child_2.jpg


The project aims at creating a wiki relevant to serve the needs of my school Comenius Project


Among the other objectives one can include
  • the need to engage a ICT in my teaching practice
  • the desire to add to the school image
  • the idea to elaborate on ways to improve my pupils communication skills
  • the need to freshen up my teacher profile and feel more creative

As far as pupils are concerned
  • they are expected to use English for a real purpose, that is to communicate their ideas on the topic to their partners
  • their interest in English as a school subject will be renewed
  • their high self-esteem and motivation levels will [[#|help]] them improve their class profile
  • they will use a technological tool to learn more efficiently